My 30 things to do before turning 30 list

Hey Guys,

When chatting on my socials about my 30 things to do before I turn 30 list, I received a lot of replies with really cool ideas and people wanting to know what was on my personal list. So I decided that I would post it here. This makes me feel like I will have more accountability for my list and maybe achieve them all (fingers and toes crossed, we can leave the county before then)

1 – Plant 30 wildflowers

2 – Go Skinny Dipping

3 – Read 5 books before my 30th birthday

4 – Make a scrapbook of my wonders in life so far

5 – Yoga Retreat

6 – Do a Marathon

7 – Go Camping

8 – Bring Harrison to a festival

9 – Renovate my studio Wildflower

10 – Knit something (was a jumper but I think ill go with scarf)

11 – Bioluminescent kayaking in Kerry

12 – Buy a Camper Van

13 – Try a Mc Donalds Hamburger for the first time

15 – Send letters to the people I love

16 – Accupuncture

17 – Paddle Boarding

18 – Run 10k

19 – Embrace My body and love it

20 – Start to save for our mortgage

21 – Get Roller skates

22 – Baby number two

23 – Book a Holiday

24 – Win the L’Oreal Colour Trophy

25 – Try an hallucinogenic

26 – Get a skin care regime

27 – Launch Education (finally)

28 – Go to Morocco

29 – Get a bike and cycle with Harrison on the back & Craig by my side

30 – Dance Class with Craig

Okay okay, I’ve Written it now, it has to happen. Some of these could be completely obscure to you, and some could be right down your street. There is nothing like a challenge and time line for motivation to achieve things. Id love to hear some more ideas you have or can think of to add or change for others.

Have a gorgeous day,

Danielle x

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