My sustainability journey and goals

Hello my lovely friends,

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that is close to my heart and an ever growing topic of conversation and awareness in our day to day life. That is, our sustainability in day to day life and the approach we have when making decisions in our personal and business life.

I have always been aware of the impact we have on our planet, but it never really scared me until I had my baby two years ago, Harrison. I just kept thinking, will there be a world for my baby in 50 years, what will his world look like? are we doing our best to give our children a good life and future? The answer was and is no. And to be honest I was appalled when I realised how little our industry does to prevent waste and be mindful of our impact to the environment.

It was only when I opened my own studio Wildflower that I felt it was possible to make a difference and do something to help with making a positive change to my life. I began to make purchasing with a mindful approach and recycle as much as possible. But it honestly wasn’t enough. Our waste was bigger than our recycling, and it was really upsetting me. We purchased eco head shower heads for our basins to reduce the amount of water we were using and then started to research in to retail products that would have the same ethos as we do. We are now using Oway & Pureology for our hair care for clients, which have a sustainability ethos in their brands.

But I wanted to do more than just this. I started to look more in to it, and found an incredible waste service called Green Salon Collective who offer waste services for used metal foils, Hair that has been cut, and Chemical waste (this was the biggest for me) This initiative is the first in the uk and ireland and to be honest, it shocked me. How could we be so oblivious to our world of hairdressing and not try to make our salons more green. We bought a compost bin which we use for anything compostable like cups and food and certain materials in studio.

At home, we have been recently shopping at the Green door market in Bluebell, that do all organic fruit veg, dairy and meat. With this beautiful grain store connected that has gorgeous condiments. This has reduced plastic wastage and helps me to feel like I am supporting local Irish farmers and this is just so important right now.

We still have so much more that can be implemented, but they say you have to walk before you can run right? although Harrison definitely ran first haha.

In the last few years we have been trying our hardest to make an impact in our little world with Swap shop days at Wildflower and showcasing the importance of Green Friday instead of Black Friday. A beautiful organisation that we have been funding and working with, is Friends of the earth ireland who send newsletters out, to bring awareness about elements of Environmental issues, happening right here in ireland and what we can do about it.

Oh the list is endless. I really want to get this conversation going within our industry, it is so important we do something to make a difference. And ensure we did the very best to hopefully keep a world for our little ones. Here is a lovely documentary to inspire you to live more eco friendly in your every day life.

By David Attenborough the genius he is.

All my Love

Danielle xx

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