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A little snippet of my world, a place to showcase my work and share some of my tips and tricks in business and hair. My adventure through this crazy thing we call life. Its taken me a long time to become succesful in my craft and I want to be able to share whatever knowledge I have, with those who would like to listen. 

Im so excited for this new journey of my career and how I can help lift others up in theirs.  

Hey, I'm Danielle

Work with me


A place to relax, to hit refresh. Wildflower is a destination designed to work for your lifestyle. Our team of creative artists will consult with you to create the hair of your dreams.

Do some work, hang out, stay for a coffee, leave with your best hair ever.

Moon + Mai

At Moon & Mai, we aim to design, create and produce beautiful and
sustainable 'one of a kind' pieces all year round. 

Catwalk to Aisle

Approaching Bridal Hair with a fresh perspective and giving your Brides the knowledge you have from trends.

On the blog

Hello my lovely friends, Today I wanted to talk to you about something that is close to my heart and an ever growing topic of conversation and awareness in our day to day life. That is, our sustainability in day to day life and the approach we have when making decisions in our personal and […]

Hey Guys, When chatting on my socials about my 30 things to do before I turn 30 list, I received a lot of replies with really cool ideas and people wanting to know what was on my personal list. So I decided that I would post it here. This makes me feel like I will […]

Oh the daily juggling game, The seesaw of life, the guilt and love all in one.  It was very obvious to me that nothing was more important than having a family. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to have a best friend for the rest of your life. A love like no other.  I was […]


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